Thursday, February 4, 2010

I love vin de peche and have been making it the past few springs when the peach tree has new leaves- thus the name for my blog! I will go ahead and give my disclaimer- I'm not a photographer, but I LOVE to cook and love when I can make people happy by cooking for them.

I would also like to say that as I'm doing this I'll be playing with it and learning (computer-wise).
I'll take this opportunity and apologize to you, Dr. Koch. Although something tells me you'll probably never read this, I will have said my piece. It's not quite been 10 years since I had my computer class with you in college, but I've forgotten pretty much everything. Granted, neither of us was in the computer science department, but still...
In this case "use it or lose it" applies. I know we learned many of these things, they just didn't stick so well. Typing is no problem... formatting, web pages, etc. may be another story altogether.
I never was the most computer-savvy kind of gal.


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  3. I looked at this and found it funny that your teacher in computer science had the name which indicates that he would cook rather than being a computer professional: "Koch" means "cook" - Dr. Cook.

  4. He wasn't really a "computer science" teacher- he was an exercise science teacher--- he was an exercise physiologist or a kinesiologist maybe...? He was funny and wasn't TOO much older than his students at the time. I knew how to pronounce his name, but I must admit that I didn't really think about what it meant!

  5. Hi Natalie. We just enjoyed a wonderful dinner that you made tonight for the "summer at the oratory" auction item. We enjoyed the salad, the shrimp, the beef entree, and the dessert. My personal favorite was the shrimp.(Nicole) Thank you for contributing your talent and time. It was fantastic! : )

    Nicole Marchant &Greg Merlo

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks.