Monday, August 9, 2010

The Perfect Summer Sandwich

Mom and I were once in London on our way back to America (this was the same trip as the Tower of London visit).

We picked up a sandwich at a little restaurant to share for lunch while waiting for our plane. It was very simple, not necessarily what I would have thought to put together in a sandwich, but exquisitely good- and sometimes it turns out to be exactly (EXACTLY) what you want.

Simplicity! And on occasion it hits the spot to perfection.
Most of the time I opt for a sprinkling of good salt (grey, fleur de sel, etc.) and some fresh ground black pepper.
I've never tried it, but a little Dijon might be good if you feel like it...

We frequently make it when tomatoes are at their best- as it's also a great way to help put a small dent in the millions of tomatoes you might get if you happen to have a garden.
Cucumbers are fantastic in the summer... they seem a very summery sort of vegetable... and they have a cooling effect.

This particular sandwich is very nice for picnics since it packs and travels well (with a glass of white wine and some strawberries for dessert), outdoor concerts (classical music), vegetarian days...

One thing is very true: when you have something with few ingredients (and especially if they are not cooked) you want the ingredients you choose to be fresh and of the best possible quality. Choose wisely.

Brie, Cucumber, and Tomato Sandwich

Good Brie (the best Brie you can buy or find)
Fresh Tomatoes
Fresh, crusty baguette

Slice baguette lengthwise (not all the way through though). Pull out a little of the inside of the bread so you have a slight indentation on top and bottom. Add slices of Brie, cucumber, and tomatoes.
Sprinkle with a little salt and fresh ground pepper as desired.

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  1. This sounds so good right now. Love this sandwich!