Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Red Velvet Wine Bar, San Diego

When I was recently in San Diego, I was invited to Red Velvet.
It's a beautiful little wine bar in San Diego's Little Italy.

The menus are fixed weekly by Chef Luke Johnson, mostly depending on what's fresh and ready at the market.

Plates are small and composed beautifully. I think food like this definitely causes one to take their time when savoring every bite...

When I was there (mid-April) the menu happened to be:

white asparagus beet, green asparagus, kumquat
green garlic pasta, artichoke, carrot, orange
cabrilla cipollini, fava bean, lemon
beef spinach, potato, red wine
cahill porter honeycomb, hazelnuts, frisee
strawberry chocolate, mascarpone

Salad, pasta, fish, meat, cheese course, dessert...
Of course, you can choose specific plates, or have them all.

If you're willing to trust someone to choose your wine to pair with the food (and I recommend it... at least the suggestion), a sommelier can be very helpful.

Who knows, you might find something new to you that you really end up loving.

Everything was great- colorful, delicious, and beautifully plated.
You must sit and admire the food at least a moment before destroying it.

I also have to report that I forgot my camera. I asked if I was allowed to take photos, was told that I could, reached into my bag...
and realized I left my camera on the bed.
I think all the photos were taken on phones though. Some of them are a Nokia phone, the others- I'm not sure.
Sadly, photos become more progressively difficult to take as the night wears on and the sun goes down. Later courses didn't photograph so well in the actual bar.
One of the waiters, however, had been taking photos in the kitchen and said they would be in Facebook and said I could get them from there if I needed them (for your viewing pleasure).
I don't know his name! Thank you. Photos 3, 4, 5, and 7 are his.

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