Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sydney Photos

Sydney Opera House. 

The Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

There's quite a bit of detail on the roof of the Opera House. If you double click, you may be able to see more closely.

Last time I visited Australia, I picked up one of Bill Granger's books- which I love. This time, a breakfast stop was made at bills. Tough decision, but I finally went with brown rice porridge with sweet white miso, coconut cream and mango. Really, how often does one want to order porridge for breakfast? The photo is of a cousin's Australian breakfast. Another Australian cookbook author (and food stylist) I love is Donna Hay, who's also got a lovely magazine. There was also a visit to Billy Kwong's just a couple doors down for dinner one evening. The food was amazing, different than the Chinese food I've been used to all my life (I suppose mine's been very Americanized). 
But the food in Australia is so beautiful and fresh- that's what I love about it.

St. Mary's Cathedral.

Nighttime walks along Darling Harbour are great, and on Saturdays during much of the year there are fireworks. Mövenpick ice cream makes for an amazing treat during the fireworks display.

Beautiful beaches at Cronulla. I think this is where my sunglasses case decided to make a home (no worries, just the case).

There's a big cafe culture in Australia...


  1. Awesome shots! Looks like you're having a great time! I especially like the fireworks shots and the plate of food.


  2. Thanks, yes. Sydney was lots of fun.
    I realized that I probably should have put a bit of info up, so hopefully the situation is now rectified!

  3. I can't believe how BLUE the sky is! Beautiful! There are no pictures of you though! :( Love the photos! Watch out for the little creatures, they can be more deadly than the large ones!(I was told this by CB)

    Anna B.

  4. Always be careful of creatures. Kangaroos can give VERY hard kicks ---I have read about these things. Have you seen any k's or koalas?
    Eucalyptus ----can you cook w/ that stuff? It sure smells good. Do they sing in Australia? I bet you can't understand the words.Any dirigidoo (sp?) songs? Base singers might have to sing w/ those tunes.

    Music and food lover

  5. I've not see kangaroos or koalas. I may be too urban for that, I don't know.
    Eucalyptus? I thought the leaves were poisonous, but koalas have special stomachs or something... well, it's something to look up.
    It's good for cleaning and disinfecting, but probably not such a good idea for cooking.
    There were some didgeridoo players at the harbour.

  6. Just GORGEOUS! Can't wait to hear more about the trip when you return. Your choice of porridge was by no means boring- just stay away from black pudding. (shudder)

    We miss you!

    P.S. Did you find P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way?

  7. What is that drink with the swirls on it?

  8. P. Sherman must be in a different part of town.

    The drink with the swirls is a cafe latte. And yes, served in glass.

  9. More pictures and Australian food please.

  10. What is black pudding ladies?