Monday, June 9, 2014

French Press

Just thought I'd put up a little something about coffee today.

I'm not saying that nobody knows how to use a French press, not saying that no one knows how to brew a cup of coffee.

As far as the drip coffee maker goes, I'm not a huge fan. I try to use it only when there's a large group and a lot of coffee can be made all at once.

The following is just how I like it done.
I don't like it lukewarm, weak and watery, I like it hot and strong. Sometimes black, sometimes with a splash of something to add a bit of creaminess along with a deep nutty shade of brown (it used to be half and half or whole milk, but I've had to make a few changes and I'm leaning towards favoring coconut-almond milk for coffee purposes).

Since dealing with more than one electric grinder that has broken, I prefer a hand-crank grinder. Whether or not it's the actual case, I like to think I'm converting others to it.
Work a bit for your coffee!

My most favorite way to brew coffee is with freshly ground cardamom.
Though not in any way Turkish or Scandinavian, we've always, always had cardamom in our house as far back as I can remember. The little white pods had a place in the tiny jar on the spice rack.
I knew my mother used them when she made homemade bread. But it was only years later I found it was because Grandpa Rudy had instructed her she needed the crushed seeds from one pod in each loaf of bread.
Where he got that bit of wisdom, we'll never know. He died when I was three.

As far as the cardamom goes, it adds a warm and interesting flavor, and this way you can have a makeshift Turkish coffee without going completely Turkish.
On any particular morning, I can easily brew a nice pot when getting myself set for the day and be able to grab a little thermos as I run out the door. Depending on where I'm working, it sure beats whatever else might be brewing.

Sometimes a nice cup of coffee can be comforting- just that and nothing else- especially when one is trying to concentrate while wrestling with tedious paperwork.

... Although it definitely makes for a nice afternoon break.

I give you my numbers and proportions here so you can adjust to your own equipment.

17 oz/ 0.5 l beaker
4 heaping T freshly ground coffee (about 30g), medium grind
3-4 green cardamom pods, pods crushed and seeds practically powdered
Just boiling water (filtered if possible) poured over the top
Give it a stir
Brew 10 minutes


  1. This is such a welcome surprise! Thanks for the chatty little coffee visit. Our girls will just love this post.