Sunday, June 19, 2011


Some culinary herbs...

Delicate annual (sometimes a perennial in some climates), slightly licorice-y flavor, strong and sweet. Basil should be added to food at the last minute, chiffonade or tear just before adding to food. Used in sauces, salads.

Perennial with a delicate onion flavor. Chives are good as a last minute finish for flavor and color, used with fish, salad, potatoes, soups.

Annual, delicate and feathery, dill loses flavor when cooked and best added at the end to finish a dish. Used with fish, potatoes, pairs with cucumbers, salads, good added to creams and yogurts.

Perennial (if you can get it started!), sweet and flowery flavor, pairs well with vanilla and/or lemon, fruits.
Nice for confections, cookies, and cakes.

Marjoram (Golden Marjoram)
Perennial, piney-citrus flavor, closely related to oregano (but milder)

Perennial (annual in colder climates), warm (can be almost numbing) and slightly bitter taste. Oregano pairs well with meat, fish, vegetables, tomatoes, sauces/Greek vinaigrette.

Italian Parsley
Annual with a fresh green flavor, best used as a garnish for a splash of color, or added at the end of cooking. Italian parsley tastes much better than curly parsley (besides, the curly is normally used as a garnish thrown on the side of the plate).
Fish, chicken, vegetables, salad, sauce.

Hardy perennial, astringent and piney flavor. Rosemary is best if cooked with food for a time so the flavor is released, used with meats, beans, pairs well with garlic. Woody stems can be used as a flavor-enhancing skewer for grilling.

Perennial with a strong musty flavor. Used with meats, poultry, great with savory fall pumpkin dishes, classic in a brown butter sauce.

Perennial, can have a strong, slightly antiseptic, clove-like flavor. Wonderful for meats, chicken, fish, eggs, soups and stews.
Used as part of a bouquet garni.
Thyme releases flavor after being cooked, like rosemary.


  1. These pictures are so good any professor could use them for an identification quiz.

  2. Thank you!
    Most of the herbs posed nicely for me out in the garden- they didn't require a lot of prompting.